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There are many younger men who want to date attractive older women, but it can be challenging to cougar date, especially if you are just getting started. According to granny/cougar language, a younger man is referred to as a “cub” and there are plenty of attractive older women looking for cubs. We’ve comprised an easy to follow guide to help you in your endeavor. You can find some success in dating attractive grannies, if you don’t just read the guide but follow it.

Where To Look For Attractive Older Women

Older women can be found anywhere and everywhere, supermarkets, shopping centers, and even casinos, but knowing which ones are “cub” hunting can be difficult. There are a few places that can take the frustration out of cougar hunting. One would be bars or clubs, and the other would be to use an online dating service.

Knowing Your Intentions

Since a granny has more experience dating, she will be able to pick up your body language, no matter how subtle, so make sure you know what you want from dating an older attractive woman. Cougars look for younger men for different reasons, some are just wanting to recapture their experiences from when they were younger, while others are looking for a boy toy. There are also those who really do want to have a meaningful relationship with a younger man, so make sure you know which one you want to be because she pick up on it.

Contemplating The Age Gap

An older woman knows she’s referred to as a “granny/cougar” so she doesn’t need to be reminded. Instead of bringing up the age difference, let her know that you’re interested in her because she’s an attractive woman.

It’s Not About You

It’s important that you show her that she’s the important one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little dominance because you can. Older women enjoy a man that takes charge somewhat. You’ll want to give her undivided attention, communication, and you need to listen to what she is saying. You should always talk on the phone a time or two for a bit before taking her out, as well. You don’t want to talk to much though, leave some conversation for the date.

Having That First Date

When you take her out make sure you treat her like the lady that she is. This is the best time to get to know each other better. Although, she’s older and most likely richer, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay the bill. Most cougars will not give you a second date when you expect her to pay the bill or split the bill on a first date. The best advice is to just be yourself.

There are some things that you definitely shouldn’t do when choosing to date a granny. The most important is to never make her feel like she’s second to anything. You don’t want to talk about her past relationship either, so try to avoid them in your communications.

Granny dating can be a lot of fun and lead to a romantic relationship when you know how to.

Dating Grannies Comes With Advantages And Disadvantages

Granny Dating – An Overview

Granny dating is all about older women dating younger men. There many older women who are fond of younger men and the relationship can even go to the marriage stage. This type of dating is growing at a high rate. Grannies can bring a special appeal to a relationship because they are highly perceived to know how to please younger men. Majority of these women are still attractive and confident despite the older age.

Older women are often the ones in control in this kind of relationship. As much as the naysayers may argue that this is because of older age, it is always the obligation of the younger man to agree or not to agree with what the other partner is suggesting. Just like any other love relationship, this particular one also needs mutual understanding from the parties involved.

There are many dating websites for cougars which can be utilized by those looking for a casual dating that can lead to something serious. Online granny dating is safe, secure, and confidential. it is possible to find the right date from the comfort of your living room.

Grannies are independent, sexy, energetic and very successful and this is the reason why young men are falling for them. The internet has changed the course of history making it easy for granny hunters to find their preferred choice easily. It is no longer necessary to go to the night clubs and party scenes in order to find a perfect match.

The situation is different and most women prefer online dating. This dating can be for a long time or short period. A granny can opt to date a young man for a particular period and this is usually done for leisure. However, for those seeking a long term relationship, the dating usually takes long and can even lead to marriage.

Granny dating mostly involves women in their late 30’s, 40s, 50s or even beyond. In most cases, they do no get into a serious relationship but specifically to have fun. Statistics have also revealed that enough life experience, fears and insecurities force older women to date young men instead of their older counterparts. On the other hand, younger men prefer older women since they have adequate experience about male-female relationship. Most young men prefer women who have self confidence and are able to handle anything involving love and life. This can only be found in older women.

Older women also get bored with older men and this makes them go for younger men who are said to be energetic. It is also been revealed that some men get attracted to grannies because they have experience in marriages and long term relationships.

Men in their mid twenties or early thirties need an enriching love life especially from an experienced woman. Since they are energetic and also ambitious, the experience of an older woman will provide a memorably appropriate response. For many young men, granny dating has been the gateway for peace even though there are implications here and there. The benefits of this kind of a relationship surpass the drawbacks.

Here’s What We Know About Granny Dating

Hot Grannies – Older Women Dating Younger Men

Times have changed and cougar women are no longer perceived as old fashioned. Younger men now prefer these old women because they have steady incomes and are more mature to handle a relationship. In addition to this, older women are known to have a better experience and stability in relationships.

Older women are more established mentally and in terms of finances. Even more importantly, majority of them have stable jobs and can make crucial decisions. They are women who have grown up but this does not mean they are old not to have a love relationship. A cursory examination of these women reveals that they are youthful and still energetic even in their forties or fifties. This is a clear indication that they can still attract young men who are in their twenties or thirties.

Grannies come from all walks of life and their behaviors may be different. You can get a cougar who is completely new in the dating scene or one who wants to date again after breaking from her previous relationship. She may be widowed, divorced or still single. Irrespective of these factors, today’s older women cannot afford to let age or even their dark past to get in the way of their present love life.

They are now looking for attractive and energetic young men who can treat them like queens. For a young man, dating cougars presents numerous benefits and gains especially if his intention is not to start a family. The final relationship could be one that has no strings attached or a relationship that leads to marriage.

There are hot grannies who want men that can accept them as they are. If you are a young man who loves to have fun, has a sense of humor and confidence, you will be a hot cake for the grannies seeking to date young men. It is now possible to find a reputable and an established cougar who can change your life completely.

In this type of relationship, the older woman wants a young man who has what it takes to make them feel better. Others may be intelligent and sophisticated older women looking for a relationship that will yield sexual empowerment.

A younger man dating an older woman is no longer perceived as a taboo in most countries. Times have changed and age is no longer a determinant factor in relationships. However, for this type of relationship to succeed, there has to be sheer commitment from both parties. For instance, sharing financial responsibility is important.

A cougar should show the young man that she is proud of all the accomplishments he has made. If you go overboard in the compliment you make, the young man wile feel accommodated and more secure in the relationship. Flexibility is also important in this type of relationship.

The internet has given this type of dating a shot in the right arm. There are many online dating services that link grannies and young men within a click. Hot grannies are using the internet to get genuine connection with a young man of the same wavelength.

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Five Winning Strategies For Dating A Granny

Dating a granny is fun and great when it works. Most guys fail to impress the older woman they are targeting because they are going about it the wrong way. They fail to get the relationship from the ground because they don’t understand what is required of them. Most of these older women are confident, brazen and know what they want, so if you fall short of their expectations they never hesitate checking out the next available guy and ditching you without second thought.

Therefore, to save you the frustrations of recurring failure during your attempts, outlined below are five winning strategies to use for dating a granny.

1. Understand What They Want

These older women are probably looking for young energetic men to spice up their lives and give them better sex experiences. Most of these women are probably career women, wives or mothers, so their schedules are definitely tight. Whenever they get that free time, you should always be promptly available to give her what she needs. Also, you have to be great in bed to keep her interested for long or else she will ditch you for a better younger man. So ensure that your performance sexually is top notch.

2. Be Confident

As much as you are younger, you have to show some level of control and maturity by being confident. Older women need to feel that they can trust you to deal with making major life decisions. On top of being great in bed, brains should also feature somewhere in the equation.

3. Boss Her Around A Little

Women are naturally submissive and cougars are no exception. They will up to some point, appreciate a little bit of dominance . Note that “only a little” is needed, to prove that you have a dominant trait which they will no doubt find sexy. Just be careful about getting carried away by this dominant act to the point of driving her away. Boss her around in a good way, like making her wear what you want her to because it looks sexy. Don’t yell at her, lest you lose her, remember cougars are also proud women and threatening their pride will definitely drive them away.

4. Compliment Her

Women love to be complimented especially older women. Single out her achievements and honestly tell her how great she is. Whenever she dresses well and looks physically appealing, do not hesitate to tell her how gorgeous she is. Tell her why you find her attractive and even if you add some embellishments, ensure that they are realistic and don’t look exaggerated. Remember older women are smarter too and if they suspect your insincerity they will leave you out cold.

5. Listen And Focus On What She Says

This is the only way to know what kind of personality she has. You will know what say and what not to say to her. Remember most of what she says and do what you think will please her from the information you garnered during your conversations. She will definitely be touched that you remembered the little things about her such as if she loves her whiskey on the rocks or mixed with something. Also, when you listen as she talks, she will appreciate your attentiveness, she is a cougar after all and making her feel she has your attention is a bit ego caressing.

The above strategies will definitely help you during your granny dating experience; just ensure that you implement them.

Different Ways On How to Date A Granny!

Many young men today wants to date a granny as they think older women are more experienced, independent, and sophisticated – all the ingredients that combines to form a rich and passionate relationship. That’s why most men today seem to be spending their time learning how to find and keep older women, particularly in the UK.

The term “grannies” is referred to experience older women with high sex appeal who seem to easily attract younger men with their sophisticated personality and charm.

This fact is highlighted in the movie “The Graduate” where Mrs. Robinson uses her charm and intelligence to attract and seduce younger and attractive men. Likewise, look at the real-life couple, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (he is 12 years younger than Demi).

So now you know the dynamics about why younger men fall for older and mature women, you might be in a hurry to learn few basic tips for an early preparation. Learn these effective ways to attract and keep older women and soon you’ll be on your way to master the art of mature seduction, seducing older British women!

Learn the following different ways on how to date a granny:

Make her feel special by appreciating all the small things that she does. Instead of looking at the scars and wrinkels that are visible, look at the rich experience they bring into the relationship, not to mention sexual pleasures.

Mature seduction is also about being grateful for how mature and seductive women seem in their prime years. Certainly, in their forties and mid-fifties, no older women will be running into bathrooms to talk about their current flings with their girlfriends. In this regard, relationship with older women could be a breath of fresh air for young men out there who were only focused on younger women.

Another important facet of mature seduction is to keep the atmosphere of class, intelligence, and sophistication all the time. Older women in Britain have gone through countless bad date throughout their life, and if you really want to attract these older women, you need to amp up your charm a little bit.

On the other hand, “Grannies” won’t show signs of interest towards horny guys who still chew gums and simply cannot hold a decent conversation.

Rather, they are in active pursue of younger gentlemen who can talk about wide variety of topics, like politics, world events, food and wine, arts, and so on. In short, the more intelligent and sophisticated you become, faster you will be able to attract older British women and get laid.

While on a date with a hot granny, avoid bragging about your attributes, wealth, and possessions just to impress her. But in fact, a lot of mature women seem more powerful than younger males as they seem more elegant climbing that corporate ladder.

So if you suddenly start to brag about numerous sexual encounters, or a brand new car, then expect old granny to get turn off and lose interest in you very soon. Keep them to yourself until she mentions about them. Instead put the focus on her, her unique qualities and her accomplishments.

Young men looking to date a granny need to read and internalize these mature seduction tips, and also learn how to appreciate the best qualities of the opposite sex, and what she brings into the relationship. Dating attractive older women is a trendy topic for most younger men these days as they are usually looking for a class, sophistication, and intelligence.

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What You Don’t Know About Granny Dating May Shock You

Many societies in the world have come to accept that grannies need love, intimacy and affection. As such dating and keeping grannies is a lifestyle that is quickly growing and many more people find it really interesting dating the older folk. It is commonly said that the body ages but desire never does; it is on this premise that the needs and wants of grannies just like any other person deserve be taken care of.

Many writers have been very vocal in explaining the techniques and tricks involved in successfully dating a granny but few of them have adequately addressed the ins and outs of it. Below are some facts that will definitely amaze you about dating grannies and may as well go a long way in helping you perfect your art.

Royalty Treatment

Everybody wants to be loved and treated like a princess or prince depending on the gender. Well, grannies are also having a longing to be treated as such. They usually feel flattered and young when compliments about their figures and beauty come their way. They usually respond to such by opening their hearts to love and affection. Go ahead and give her the royal princess treatment by pointing out the little bits that you like about her however small and she will surely fall for you.

Be Mindful Of The Names You Call Her

No granny wants to be referred as such. Although other women may not mind but your case is special and ensure you do not use names that may be considered offensive. Call her names like sweetheart, angel, my flower and many more names denoting niceties. By doing so you will make her feel sixteen and you can be assured she will stick by you.

Grannies Like Travelling

Ordinarily, you may think that they have seen it all and have been through everything. Nothing can be farther from the truth, grannies love travelling and fun. Places like New York, London and California could easily make her heart melt with love and excitement. Therefore, when either dating or wanting to date a granny, be sure to scour the globe for travel destination and details.

Never Control Grannies

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make about granny dating is trying to control their lives and becoming clingy. These are people who for their entire life have been trying to gain independent or rather have been fighting for independence. Ensure that you do not spoil the broth by controlling their lives what they are to do, where to go; you will lose them in an instant. Give them space to do their wish; they love liberty.

Be the Age You Are Not

What you don’t know about granny dating that may shock you is the fact that they are not only mindful of their age but yours too. In as much as they do not want to be treated as if they are old women, they also do not want you to behave as if you are just from the crib. Create the impression that you are mature, responsible and up to the task; you will sweep them off their feet.

If you have ever sat and wondered what grannies look for in dating younger men, the answer is simple; they are looking for love and a blossoming bouquet of real intimacy. If you show that you know it, they will be yours for the keeps.